Frame Jig “Hive Hack” In Action

I was assembling some frames today, and though I should shoot a quick video of how this works.

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My Beekeeping Philosophy

When I started beekeeping some 5 or so years ago I never would have guessed that this post would be necessary. There are so many nuances about this craft that a short discussion is never enough to cover all of

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How to Make a Holdfast

Making a viable holdfast could not be any easier. This started out as a simple experiment, mainly because I know that holdfasts are traditionally made from wrought iron. I’m not sure other materials will work well. In keeping with a

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How to Keep Good Records in the Apiary

The temps hit 60 deg plus on the 21st of Jan. 2017. I decided to go see what the girls were up to. I found that they were all alive and well, so I thought I would shoot a quick video

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My First Tool Build (Quasi Panel Gauge)

I had a little extra time while I waited for the finish to dry on another project to get started on making a “Quasi Panel Gauge”. I say “quasi” because it isn’t large enough to mark out large panels like

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Utilitarian Tool Restoration

When it come to restoring an old rusty tool I take a slightly different approach than what I see most folks doing on the old interwebs. I can fully appreciate a perfectly shiny, freshly painted restored hand tool. Here’s the thing,

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Windy Out ain’t it?

Came home from work yesterday evening, and went to check the bees. We have had quite high winds, I thought maybe a few top covers might be blown off or something. The only damage I found was the picture above. 

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What are Queen Castles for?

In my previous post I stated briefly that I have been working on building some queen castles. I thought a little more in depth description might be a good idea.

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Queen castles !

I started working on some queen castles this morning. I basically just figured out how I plan to cut all of my dado’s today. More on this in the future.

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Live edge center piece for Christmas!

First off I would like to say Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope all of you are well this holiday season. On my wife’s side of the family we draw names for our gifting process. As luck would

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