Daddy long leg

Wouldn’t you know it! While I was wearing my beek gloves this evening I spotted him crawling through the grass. It was a daddy long leg spider carrying a honey bee in its mouth. Had my gloves on so was not able to get a picture.

At first I thought this had been a very odd occurrence. Then after I thought about it for bit 2&2 finally came together. Of coarse the eat honey bees they are spiders.

The question is have any of you encountered such a thing? I have to think this is probably a very common thing.

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2 comments on “Daddy long leg
  1. Just a correction there. Daddy longlegs aren’t actually spiders, they belong to the same class of arachnids but have only 2 eyes, no venom nor silk, see the wiki article ( They will also not “hunt”, they are scavengers, if they find a dead one they’ll eat it.

    • bdbatta says:

      Thank you for the reply. I don’t know anything about daddy long legs. It was just interesting to see one carrying a honey bee off. It’s good to know they aren’t threatening to my colonies.

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