Winter Work Update

I’ve managed to get out to the shop at least a few hours a week over the last month or two. I’m always a late starter on the winter projects and then I scramble in the early spring. I have managed to get 10 deep nucs built and a few deep hive bodies. I’ve also assembled some frames. Enough to get started at least.

These are pine end boards with the frame rest rabbet. And rough sawn hard maple boards completely unprepared, butt jointed for the sides. It’s a quick simple way to build nucs. They probably didn’t cost much more than about $15.00 worth of material and whatever time I had involved.  The picture on the left was a stack of hard maple that turned into these side boards. My shop is a wreck, I think I’m going to have to take an hour or so to straighten up before I start on my next project.

I hope everyone is having a productive winter. If you like what your reading please subscribe and feel free to comment or ask any questions you might have.

Thanks Brian

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3 comments on “Winter Work Update
  1. Looks like you’re making progress! My shop needs some straightening up time too. Wish I could learn to pick up along the way rather than waiting to the end of a project when all of my tools are buried under piles of sawdust!

  2. I think you have managed more than I have this winter.

    Is a Nuc a ‘nucleus colony,’ or in this article the smaller size box for a Nucleus colony?

    When I think of a nuc, it is the Intel, ‘next unit of computing,’ small form factor PC.

    Whenever I see beekeeping I get a longing to keep them myself, but I have a few problems… A. laziness, I imagine there is more work than I am up for. B, Stuff, land getting the bees, finding a local beekeeper to teach me etc. then The BIGGY, I do not like the idea of being stung, and I a pretty sure you get stung a bit, probably quite a lot at the beginning.

    But I love watching you and your beekeeping.

    By the way, your workshop look amazing. I can see the floor, and there is so much of it. I would put a picture of my workshop/shed here, but this comment can not hold pictures.

    • Brian says:

      A “Nuc” is a nucleas colony. The hive that they are housed in is also referred to as a nuc or nuc box. Its generally half the size of a full hive. In my case it holds 5 frames instead of 10. I had a feeling you were interested in the hobby. You don’t have to get in as deep as I did. You could stop at two or three hives then give away or sell splits or let them swarm. Beekeeping is a pretty big deal in the UK I bet you wouldn’t have much trouble finding a mentor. Being stung is a part of it. It doesn’t happen as much as you might think though. Most of the time I just wear a veil and a t-shirt and I generally get stung about 6-8 times a year. You kind of get used to it, if that’s possible. If all else fails your welcome to live vicariously through me.

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