Last Weekend’s Warm Up

The weather last week was beautiful. The temps broke 60 for sure, I did hear some reports say 70. Never the less I took the time on Sunday to peek in on all of the remaining colonies. The first nuc is boiling over with bees. I pulled a few frames, found the queen, I didn’t find any brood. With the amount of bees in the hive she has to be slowly laying. I’m almost positive that they were not this strong going into winter. I’m going to have to watch them very close to make sure they don’t need fed this coming month.

The first picture and the last are of the nuc I described above. The second is of the mother nuc, the third is of the weakest remaining but should still be viable come spring.

The mother colony was of similar strength, looking very well. For the oldest queen un the nuc yard I was impressed. I really thought of all of them she would start to fizzle out first.

The last nuc was weaker. These bees have had a bad time dealing with a skunk this winter. This is proof as to the damage a skunk can really do. You can see in the third picture in the gallery that they are only covering about 2 frames. I do blame their weakness entirely on the skunk. I will need to build taller nuc stands this year so the skunk can’t reach them. It will probably be easier on my back if I do that anyhow.

The rest of the hives are still very much alive and well. I took my oldest with me I’ll be calling her C. She had a great time visiting all of the bees, hopefully she continues to have an interest.




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3 comments on “Last Weekend’s Warm Up
  1. ??? What does a skunk do yo a hive? Does it eat the bees or???

    No Skunks here in the UK… Thanks the Lord.

    • Brian says:

      Yes, they eat bees. I just finished drafting another post about the effects of a skunk. Don’t you guys have badgers or something though. I would think they are much worse.

      • We have lost a few chickens to Badgers. They tend to be ok,until the ground gets frozen heard. They get hungry.

        The are very strong diggers, it is much harder to keep them out of the hen house than a fox.

        I do not know if they like bees.

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