First Woodworking Post (Lantern Stand)

I have been working on this stand for off and on for several months. If you recall my post  Hive Joinery Part 4 I focused on dovetails. I hinted that the tails in the photo were not for an actual hive, well this is what it was for! I would like to point out that this is my first build that was intended strictly for show. The photo’s are also terrible cell phone photos



Hopefully you can see it well enough. I dovetailed the main part of the base, the post is set in with a mortise and tenon. Then there is the hard maple square pegs. I would like to point out that those are not inlays covering screws there are actual pegs that I made. That part took forever. The only metal in this project are the 4 screws that hold the post into the base. I built this for my mom and I wanted her to be able to remove the post and store the whole thing if she didn’t want it out all the time. Aside from the pegs it is entirely made out of pine. I finished it with a dark walnut stain and then a coat of boiled linseed oil. The finish and wood selection wasn’t my choice however, I think it turned out ok.


Photo Mar 22, 5 29 34 AM

I promise not to stray to far off of the beekeeping topic, I just wanted to share this. I will probably be doing some posts like this in the future though.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it.


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4 comments on “First Woodworking Post (Lantern Stand)
  1. This is a really lovely piece of work. You just can not buy hand crafted nowadays… ok you can if you have the money, but so much that would one day have been hand crafted is now machine made.

    OK, the machine made may be nearly perfect, but lacking in soul. The maple pegs are a really lovely feature.

    I love it when you see a square tenon protrude from a chair arm.

    Much the same look.


    • Brian says:

      I tried to do as much as my ability would allow by hand. I did most of the sawing with a miter and a table saw. All of the round overs and the accents at the top of the post were done by hand. I started the making the pegs by hand and several of them are handmade. The wood I was hammering them in to threatened to split so I used my 1″x42″ belt sander to sand more of a shoulder into them. The protruding square tenon in an armchair does have a similar look now that you mention it. I’m glad you like it. I’m also glad to see that the weather has started to break for you. I enjoy watching the progress of all the projects you have going.

  2. That’s some quality work right there and I LOVE the square peg detail!!!

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