Another Wedding Sign

It has probably been about a month or more since this sign was in action. I just ran across the pictures, and thought it might be a good idea to share it today.

I finished this in my brother in laws garage a day before the wedding. Nothing like procrastinating. Here is a picture of it unfinished:


I crossed the base with a dado on each board opposing one another. The post is through mortise and tenoned into the base. I did give the base an ever so slight arch to the top, and I dished the under side so only the outside 4 edges touched the floor. It had a slight wobble but, I’m thinking that the lumber moved on me a bit. I’ll have to try to do better next time.

Each sight is stop mortised into the post. I did not use any glue on the signs so they could be removed for transport. That part turned out fairly well except for the first one. The tenon was a bit short and it wanted to sag slightly. I think I can fix that with some type of shim, maybe construction paper or something. All of the other signs stay in place just fine because the tenons are at least 2 inches long, and I paid more attention to the fit on the top and bottom of the mortise.

Here is the finished product in action. Lettering is courtesy of J. Gibbons again.


The sign is made from rough sawn poplar that I have been letting dry for some time. I used one coat of cherry colored stain for the finish. It may need a top coat some time down the road. Thanks for reading, please ask any question, comments you would like. If you haven’t done so subscribe for updates.



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