Top bar nucs

Through my resent venture (if you want to call it that) selling nucs. I have run accross several people looking for nucs to fit top bar hives. I’ve come up with a prototype solution for making the conversion more seamless.

The frame insert will allow for an entire frame to be removed without disturbing the comb adhesion to the frame. The insert can be removed and installed into a Kenyan top bar hive.

Now I just need spring to get here so I can install a few of these to see how they work.

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3 comments on “Top bar nucs
  1. Big Bear says:

    Just curious as to what is to prevent bees from filling the open spaces surrounding the top bar “frame.

    The reason I ask the question was only relative to the idea that using this would be less troublesome to swap into an htbh. I run multiple types of hive types and have played the Lang to htbh swap game too many times. In my experience, unless the outer gaps were closed off, I personally don’t find much of a saving in efficiency or ease of transition as much of the outer comb being cut away is usually rendered unusable afterward. I’ll bee interested to see your progress on the project though.

    • Brian says:

      Nothing will prevent it as designed, I’m not sure that I want to prevent it. In some ways it would be better. In some ways not. While they are in the lang equipment it would be better to have comb, brood and whatever else they want in there. Strength to prevent pests. It wouldn’t be that hard to cut the comb out on the edges and rehang it on a topbar for them to finish drawing out. On the other hand it would make the transition more seamless to fill the gap. I may experiment both ways. Thanksfor your input

  2. […] I really liked the frame insert that I originally built. The only problem was that it took a very long time making all of those angle cuts with a back saw. I had to come up with a time saving solution. Here is a link to the original post for context Top bar nucs […]

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