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I’ve decided this year to start selling a larger quantity of nucs, and queens.  In the past I have sold a few here and there. I think it is now time to start advertising a bit more. All orders will be processed by you sending an email to

1.   Queens: This years mated queens will include the cage with candy installed, and several attendant workers.

Price- $30.00 (not taking orders at this time) pick up dates will be announced as queens become available. I will keep a waiting list, send an email to let me know you are interested.

2.   5 frame deep nucs this years queen: What you will receive- 5 deep frames, in a waxed cardboard nuc hive, that are drawn. These will contain at least 3 frames of brood with 2 frames of honey, and pollen. There will be a large enough population of bees that if they are not transferred into an 8, or 10 frame hive body very soon you may induce a swarm.

Price $150.00 US (no shipping at this time) **Sold Out (you can still get on the waiting list)**. Pick up date will be sometime around June 1st.

3.   Overwintered Nuc- Same as above with the exception of a queen that has survived one winter.

Price- $195.00 US (no shipping at this time) **Sold Out** Pick up date will be sometime around April 15th, however it could be sooner.

Your nucs will come in something similar to this, however I have ordered from a different company this


**Note** To secure your nuc a nonrefundable down payment of 50% is required. I will issue a refund if I am not able to produce your order: Reasons such as- a much lower than expected overwintering rate, or if I am seriously injured to the point that I am unable to work bees. Pick up dates are flexible, therefore I will not issue refunds because of early or late delivery.  If the item that you are interested in is marked **SOLD OUT**, It would be a good idea to send an email anyway. I usually try to out produce my orders to protect myself if I have a less than stellar mating rate. I will put your name on a waiting list in case I have more than expected.

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